In Memory

Donating, fundraising or arranging a collection in memory of someone special are positive, meaningful ways to remember them and celebrate their life.

You can donate online or ask people to donate at a funeral or remembrance service using our collection envelopes. Cheques made out to SANE can be sent to: SANE, St Marks Studios, 14 Chillingworth Road, London, N7 8QJ.

You may also like to create a tribute to your loved one through JustGiving. It's a place for family and friends to share photographs, stories and memories as well as donations to SANE. Tribute pages are ongoing, so occasions like birthdays and anniversaries can be celebrated year after year.

Fundraise in memory


Many people also choose to fundraise in memory of a loved one. Whether it's organising a bake sale or taking on a personal challenge such as a marathon like SANE supporter Chris Cameron did, it's a wonderful tribute to someone special. Visit our events page to find out more about the ways you can take part.

For more information about donating, fundraising or collecting in memory, email or telephone 0203 805 1790.