SANE has been fortunate enough to gain the support of a great many trusts and foundations over the years. Some fund particular projects on a one-off basis, enabling us to conduct ground-breaking research or expand our frontline services. Others provide us with the ongoing core funding we need to keep providing emotional support and advocating for improvements in statutory mental health services on a day-to-day basis.

Whatever the basis of the funding they provide, the trusts and foundations who lend SANE their support play a crucial role in our continuance. If you work for a trust or foundation and would like to discuss making a grant to support SANE in it's efforts to improve mental health across the UK, please contact the fundraising team on 020 3805 1790 or

Below are some examples of just a small number of those funders who have had a significant, ongoing positive impact on our work.

Garfield Weston Foundation


The Garfield Weston Foundation has provided core funding for SANE's activities on a number of occasions. We are very grateful to the trustees for their consistent and generous support.

The Sobell Foundation 


The Sobell Foundation generously granted £60,000 over three years towards SANE's volunteer recruitment and training. The trustees' generosity is greatly appreciated.

Big Lottery Fund


SANE on SuicideSANE was delighted to have received a grant of £387,282 from the Big Lottery Fund towards a four-year suicide research project titled A New Focus for Suicide Prevention.

Read about SANE's suicide research and explore the result of that research, a new online resource: SANE on Suicide