Running Events

Tough Mudder

Are you looking for a challenge like no other? The Tough Mudder series is a great way to raise money for SANE - as long as you don't mind getting quite a bit muddy in the process! 

Courses typically feature a selection of obstacles you have to climb over, crawl under or jump across, testing the balance, stamina and fitness of participants. There is a range of difficulty levels to pick from, including 5k races, 10 mile races and challenges through the night. It's possible to team up with friends and colleagues to form a relay, making this a great way to have fun.

Tough Mudder races happen in various locations across the country, including London's Finsbury Park, Skipton in Yorkshire and Badminton in Gloucestershire. Visit the Tough Mudder website to find a race near you and contact our fundraising team on 0203 805 1790 to find out how you can run for SANE.