Running Events


We’d love to support anyone who is interested in running for SANE. Here is some information on various marathons throughout the world that you may wish to enter to raise funds for mental health.

If you’re interested in running for us, please email or call the fundraising team on 020 3805 1790.

New York Marathon:

The course goes through five boroughs of New York City, and is one of the largest marathons in the world.

Boston Marathon:

The world’s oldest annual marathon, dating back to 1897. A favourite for many experienced runners.

Berlin Marathon:

A road race where amateurs and professional runners take part together.

Brighton Marathon:

The Brighton marathon is road race on the coast of England, with a great charity uptake. Application takes place on a first come first served basis.

Paris Marathon:

A city run beginning at the famous Champs-Elysees.