Amazon Survival Challenge 


This week long adventure includes four days where you get the opportunity to explore and learn traditional survival skills like making fire without matches or artifical firelighters, the medicinal properties of certain plants, foraging and preparing for foods, building shelters and the local wildlife - all vital skills for surviving in the great tropical wilderness. This challenge also offers an amazing insight into the culture of the remote communities of the Amazon.

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If interested please contact a member of the fundraising team who will be able to assist you further, please call 020 3805 1790 or email

Event information

  • When: Saturday 28th April to Friday 4th May
  • Where: London, Manaus, Amazon Rainforest 
  • Self Funding: £2,095 (£295 reg. fee + £1,800 balance) or 
  • Sponsorship: £295 reg. fee + £3,600 sponsorship (£1,800 to SANE)


Support for you

  • Free SANE T-shirt to wear on the big day, along with any other fundraising merchandise you might need. 
  • One-to-one fundraising support every step of the way.
  • SANE fundraising pack full of ideas and tips to get you started.

To speak with a member of the fundraising team, please call 020 3805 1790 or email