Campaign with SANE

Campaign with SANE

Would you like to help SANE campaign for change by sharing your experience of mental illness? By becoming a media volunteer, you can help play a vital role in our efforts to change attitudes, reduce stigma and end discrimination.

If you suffer with a mental illness, or are a family member, friend or carer of someone who does, we would welcome the opportunity to be a platform for your story in the media.

Become a Media Volunteer

At SANE we are regularly contacted by journalists who are looking to interview people with particular experiences of mental illness. Your first hand experience can help articulate the reality of mental illness and raise awareness of this often taboo subject.

We understand that it may be difficult to talk about your mental health, so we wanted to reassure you that:

• You can tell as much or as little about your experience as you’d like

• You can choose which media outlets you would like to participate with (print, radio or TV)

• You can remain anonymous or use a pseudonym when sharing your story

• You do not have to participate with every media opportunity that your experience matches

• SANE will support you both before and after the interview

• You can give permission for SANE to use your story without committing to interviews yourself

• We will only pass on your details to journalists with prior permission

Current Opportunities

We have paused recruiting new media volunteers for the time being. Please look back at a later date for more opportunities to campaign with SANE.