Campaign with SANE

Mental Health Hero Awards

To celebrate their first birthday and to mark World Mental Health Day on October 10th the founders of Mental Healthy have launched the UK's first 'Mental Health Hero' awards to recognise the unsung heroes of mental health.

Teaming up with SANE as well as other mental health charities, Mental Healthy is proud to launch these awards to give credit and recognition to those who have contributed to the field of mental health.

'So many people dedicate themselves to making better the lives of others. We want to recognise the heroes in our field', says Mental Healthy founder, Charlotte Fantelli.

Marjorie Wallace, founder and chief executive of SANE added that 'it takes enormous reserves of courage to help people through mental ill-health, and even more for anyone experiencing mental illness themselves. Their heroism it too often overlooked, which is why I am so passionate about these awards.'

There are four distinct awards which are designed to celebrate the achievements of individuals, organisations, professionals and businesses. The catergories are the 'Community Hero', the 'Professional Hero', the 'Business Hero', and finally the 'Creative Hero'.

To learn more about the Mental Health Hero Awards, download the press release or visit the website.