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Schizophrenia and employmentSchizophrenia_and_employment

SANE is working to support improvements in employment rates for people with severe and enduring mental illness, through the commissioning of employment support services locally. To support this initiative, we are looking for people with schizophrenia or other serious mental illness to share their experiences.

We would like to hear your stories of the support you have received within the NHS from health professionals and programmes such as Individual Placement and Support (IPS) and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT), as well as any barriers you have encountered.

If you think your experiences could help us and would like to be involved in raising awareness (including media activity), please e-mail Nicola at



Depression: Asking the Right Questions

Depression: Asking the Right Questions

We are delighted to be supporting MQ: Transforming Mental Health’s national survey into depression. They are interested in finding out what questions people have about this condition and will use this information to influence future research.

Alison Cranage, Project Manager of Depression: Asking the Right Questions, said:

“We believe research can improve lives, and so want find out what the most important issues are. We would like people with depression, their friends, families and clinicians to take part in the survey. The results will give us lots of unanswered questions about depression.Together, patients, carers and clinicians will rank the questions in order of importance. The result will be ‘top 10’ lists of questions to research. We will promote the list to people who fund depression research – governments, universities and charities. We aim to inform research and provide a strong connection to the needs of patients.”

If you’d like to take part in their initiative and encourage research that can make a real difference to people’s lives, please visit

Mental health cuts

We are daily receiving reports of cuts in mental health services – from patients, families, professionals and health organisations. We hear of hospital and community provision pared back or put on hold, and trained and experienced professionals rationed. We are concerned about the damaging effects this will have, especially for people with severe and enduring mental illness.

Please tell us if you know of cuts or changes to services in your area and what you think it will mean for you, your family or carers, and local people. Email

Your stories may be quoted as case studies to support our campaigning. If you need emotional support about your personal situation please contact our Services team.