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Well i don't usually write about my experiences with depression but this time, for some reason, i am. This month, or should i say year, has been a particularly dark time for me, es...
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20th May 2018
Before sitting down to write this month’s blog, I got up and grabbed a glass of water. Partly because I felt thirsty and partly because I was trying to procrastinate on writing abo...
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19th May 2018
my life is complex to go through not that good at writing so pardon the lack of grammar and spelling, i am 43 live in a small town in norfolk called watton iam 43 lead a sheltered ...
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18th May 2018
Mind feels numb, Unable to speak. Questioning myself, feeling weak. Trapped in my own mind, How can this be. The stigma’s suffocating. I’m no longer free. Family, friends & profess...
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15th May 2018
It's been a long 21 years. I can't say I'm going to miss you. We meet 21 years ago when I was 10 years old. You came in my life and all my focus went towards you. You had my full a...
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14th May 2018
A few weeks ago, I was discharged after 10 long years of poor mental health and a gruelling experience. I wouldn’t be here only I managed to find a private therapist, who cha...
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13th May 2018
Hi So I have just join up because today I had a horrible of feeling I should just end my life. It's a weekly thing, very unhealthy. I feel stuiped after this curse as I call it pas...
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13th May 2018
I am 66 live alone, I am lonely, depressed, more so since my relationship ended after 15 years, I don't want to get up in the mornings, nothing to get up for, nothing to look forwa...
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12th May 2018
“Together we can stop stigma and change mental health for good.” SANE There are a number of charities doing tremendous work in the field of mental health. Living with a...
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11th May 2018
This is my first blog on Sane, I have been doing a for over a month now in the hopes people read it and relate so they then know they are not alone, not only to support ...
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08th May 2018