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I know what's it like to feel at your wit's end, as though you're giving everything you can to a difficult situation and to the people you love in terms of your patience and time -...
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26th Jul 2017
90% of the time I think I'm better off alone, but that damn 10% keeps dragging me back to the world of normal humans, persuading me that attempting to make & keep connections with ...
Posted by
24th Jul 2017
After only one, brief post, written several years ago, why am I writing now? I honestly don't know, except that I have felt so awful for so long and somewhere inside me, I know tha...
Posted by
20th Jul 2017
I kept the existence of my breakdown a secret for a long time, dodging the inevitable questions became exhausting and lonely. My inability to be open and accept my diagnosis of dep...
Posted by
16th Jul 2017
Below are some excerpts from my mental health blog which can be found at and is updated regularly I remember it vividly. The day it all c...
Posted by
13th Jul 2017
Anxiety is quite debilitating, in the sense that it leaves you constantly thinking about the things you have done and their repercussions. From my understanding of it, it can be em...
Posted by
12th Jul 2017
I had to compare my past traumas with 2 very brave princes... referring to photo... I needed to start from the beginning harry spoke out with his emotions and experiences.. my moth...
Posted by
06th Jul 2017
I suffer from anxiety. Most of my friends probably know this already. But do they know what it means? Normal brain tells me, ‘hey you’re on holiday, take a couple of da...
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04th Jul 2017
You wake up every morning not knowing what the day is going to be like... You sit there in silence and suffer inside, you have outbursts because you feel like your not heard! It's ...
Posted by
03rd Jul 2017
Bereavement is an aspect of life everyone has to deal with, yet [it remains] a process [with] no clear guidelines. Each individual [deals with and processes death differently makin...
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03rd Jul 2017