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Itís funny how things change. I took an overdose on September 5th. After four days in hospital, I was discharged with the promise that I would be seen urgently by the community men...
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31st Jan 2015
I have suffered with depression for a couple of years now, trying to hide it for as long as possible, I was in complete denial that anything was "wrong" with me. It was only when I...
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25th Jan 2015
This is the first time using this type of sight, not sure what to write or what to say TBH. I have been suffering from Depression and Anxiety for several years now, the triggers ha...
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24th Jan 2015
[Breathe deeply, slowly and lovingly for yourself. tell someone how you feel. tell someone what you're experiencing. If nobody knows, nobody can or will help.] The first thing i ca...
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23rd Jan 2015
This is a piece (not sure it can be called poetry) I wrote about the bullying I went through at both Primary and Secondary school. Even though I left school in 1996 my experiences ...
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23rd Jan 2015
Tribe member Anthony shares his story below, for more information please visit his blog. It's time to share. This is my story, 2015 a new year a new me and there’s no point k...
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22nd Jan 2015
Recovery from PTSD can be a beautiful but treacherous journey. I have embarked on my recovery recently and have experienced great highs and lows, even in the five months since I to...
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18th Jan 2015
It was a few years ago now when i lived with my partner and carer Sarah. I had been up all night pacing about the house. Feeling extremely suicidal and agitated. My thoughts were b...
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17th Jan 2015
I am working as a volunteer for bike 2 bikes in greyfriars stafford England. I will be photographing biles parts and inserting images on ebay. I will be working once a week; every ...
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14th Jan 2015
I can't remember a time where I felt completely "sane". It's a funny word; sane. Being insane has the implications that you are crazy, that you do reckless and inappropriate things...
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12th Jan 2015