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I am currently being 'stalked' by the mental health system, which is using all sorts of underhand techniques to try to ascertain where I am in order to 'get' me into 'captivity', b...
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05th May 2015
After 25 years of believing I was frigid, a prude, had something wrong with my sex drive; I finally find out I am actually ASEXUAL. I have beaten myself up for years feeling useles...
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Daisy Duke
02nd May 2015
Taken from my personal blog which can be found at Having an anxiety disorder is tough and I struggle with it daily. Add to that the bored...
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30th Apr 2015
Having an anxiety disorder is tough and I struggle with it daily. Add to that the boredom and loneliness that come from not working for over a year and spending 50+ hours a week al...
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30th Apr 2015
Born march 19 1979 in arural village, dad was a fridge engineer and amateur rally driver my mom was a house wife. I have very little memories of my father, during the early period ...
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29th Apr 2015
I originally posted this on a subreddit I help moderate. EOOD stands for Exercise out of depression For me now there are two sides to EOOD. Both inter...
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26th Apr 2015
I recently added a story about what i thought depression was. I compared it to a fire that needs to be controlled through different methods. I wanted to write a blog about my attem...
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16th Apr 2015
The void that cant be filled.... Is the one that comes creeping when you least expected. The one that beckons in the middle of a laughter The one that mocks in the middle of a tear...
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12th Apr 2015
Today is Friday the 10th of April the sun is out so I've put the rabbits out for a bit of sunshine on the down side feel bit sad as I should have been going to Spain for a fortnigh...
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10th Apr 2015
I designed an electric car for Delorean car company in 1979 from churchfields comprehensive school. It was published in The Daily Telegraph front page. The paper was taken of the m...
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09th Apr 2015