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Firstly, I am glad that i am able to speak to people about my mental health. My friends, family and people i have met throughout my life. I know i am not alone, the world and life ...
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20th Aug 2017
Self control sucks, why is it we want the things we want so bad? Yet we get mad at ourselves the moment we have at it. Some people go their whole lives caught up in addictive behav...
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14th Aug 2017
Who's that sleeping next to me at night? Oh, that's just my imaginary friend. Who's that mimicking my stretch first thing in the morning? Oh, that's just my imaginary friend. Who's...
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09th Aug 2017
I did it last week, took myself to the doctors and told them exactly how I was feeling scared, terrible anxiety, unhappy and unable to cope with life . Two years of stress and upse...
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07th Aug 2017
I am sick of hearing how lucky i am...i no i have friends and people in my life who love and care about me but i dont think that necessarily makes me lucky...i spend a lot of time ...
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01st Aug 2017
YOUR NAME Our ‘Given Name’ Most of us are given our names at birth by our parents, hence ‘given name’. Some of us are Christened in church, which is to be b...
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01st Aug 2017
I've just signed up with Sane not knowing what to expect. Managed to read a few blogs and already feel like I have so much respect for the people who share what's going on in their...
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27th Jul 2017
I know what's it like to feel at your wit's end, as though you're giving everything you can to a difficult situation and to the people you love in terms of your patience and time -...
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26th Jul 2017
I was eleven when I had my first experience of mental illness. A year 7 in Comprehensive with her whole life ahead of her. That ended one morning when i had my first panic attack, ...
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25th Jul 2017
90% of the time I think I'm better off alone, but that damn 10% keeps dragging me back to the world of normal humans, persuading me that attempting to make & keep connections with ...
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24th Jul 2017