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I'm a 52 year old English lady. For most of my life I've received these messages whenever I've been upset or shown my emotions/if I've cried: Don't you cry/crying is weak/childish....
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04th Jan 2016
I am a cat lover my only friends (would attach picture but file is too big ? I think animals are a wonderful aid in desperate times. My fist encounter with mental illness was when ...
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Lucy Mills
04th Jan 2016
I've never really been one for New Year's resolutions, but after the worst year of my life - a year that has seen me go through suicide attempts, hospital admissions, social servic...
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02nd Jan 2016
it's new year's eve about 22.00 people are gathering outside our flat complex and fireworks sporadically explode in the distance i look back on the last tumultuous year and know th...
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31st Dec 2015
practical solutions… these won’t apply to everyone, but they might give you some ideas to help your own recovery… I suffer joint pain in my hip, shoulders and feet what caused it i...
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29th Dec 2015
Save me from the pain That's driving me insane Burning thru my skin Breaking me from within This must be a sin To never let me begin From the start or the end Untangle my descent F...
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28th Dec 2015
I have no idea how to make this blog work but there must be some way for people to cope with the DWP horrors. Can people please use this blog over christmas to network and help eac...
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23rd Dec 2015
being cautious the excitement I felt earlier, about finding an opportunity to develop a career as an artist and writer, has worn off something happened which triggered a minor rela...
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22nd Dec 2015
A Eureka Moment… Well, this is a turn up for the books! I had a flash of inspiration earlier. My cpn is putting a bit of pressure on me to socialise (I’m perfectly happy being a lo...
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19th Dec 2015
You know how some words sound nice regardless of their meaning? Well the word failure even sounds horrible, but when you feel like one like I do it's even worse. That feeling of no...
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18th Dec 2015