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I really love the run up to Christmas, more than the actual day to be honest! I love mince pies, decorations, fairy lights, trees with angels on top, socialising, smiles ... laught...
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11th Dec 2017
A woman is at the centre of this. Inevitably. Or rather, two women. Or maybe three. Perhaps, ultimately, even four. But that’s a story for later. Safe to say, my world was cr...
Posted by
09th Dec 2017
I have battle scars.  And these imperfections are a part of who I am.   They are not a marker of my weakness. Nor are they a sign of the defeats I have suffered along the way.  The...
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08th Dec 2017
Twenty years ago, I was a successful teacher, a professional singer and had an all round fantastic life. Then suddenly everything fell apart. I became part of a system of psychiatr...
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04th Dec 2017
When holidays come around it is a large relief that one finally has the time to unwind and spend quality time with love ones. This is an awesome way to make yourself happier as the...
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03rd Dec 2017
Often, it is very difficult to identify the root cause of a problem- especially when you are distressed by it. It requires much introspection and lateral thinking- so how can self-...
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15th Nov 2017
So I just posted this text on Facebook as I find that I often battle with perceived social pressures from friends and acquaintances during periods of severe depression. I torture m...
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14th Nov 2017
Taking part in family life has been a significant challenge for me during the last year, having experienced a major depressive episode for the first time in my life. In an effort t...
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08th Nov 2017
DISCRIMINATIONS The fear unknown leads to fear and hatred As misinformation created by the media Against people who are disabled Having a disability does leave you weakened This do...
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05th Nov 2017
This is how it all started. This is why we are here in this room today. Though even as I say this, I realise the story begins before this time. It started in early 2013 when &lsquo...
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03rd Nov 2017