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Depression Diaries (Post 1) I want us to start with you picturing a depressed person. What do you see? A face of poor health, a mind drowning in a tsunami of negativity, locked up ...
Posted by
12th Oct 2017
Mealth health is ok There is nothing wrong with a person who has mental health all a person with mental health wants is to be treated the same as everyone else its important for ev...
Posted by
11th Oct 2017
When i was growing up i never really suffered with anxiety, it was around high school time i think i started becoming sensitive to things. I belive my mum and dad splitting up had ...
Posted by
08th Oct 2017
Hello there, yes you, fellow human, I want to talk to you, I say talk, I actually want you to read something, which to be fair you have already started doing, so we are off to a go...
Posted by
28th Sep 2017
I would like to share a photo of a sewing piece I recently completed which surrounds my experience of mental illness. The piece is hand sewn and represents a variety of experiences...
Posted by
22nd Sep 2017
Inspired by "Funeral Blues by W.H Auden"....... Written as a tribute to his dead lover this is the Poem that for me epitomises grief. I was in tears the first time that I heard it....
Posted by
20th Sep 2017
So often we are searching for something. In search of a different emotion, another situation, an alternate place to be, mentally, physically, in present and future. Happiness is so...
Posted by
18th Sep 2017
For as long as I can remember I have suffered bouts of anxiety/ depression. A lot of the time they appear for no reason , even at the times of what should be the happiest. I would ...
Posted by
14th Sep 2017
Suicide is lonely. The solution to an endless fight against my own mind. So exhausted, nothing else seems possible.   Blinded by darkness. Where am I? Who am I? An inescapable dark...
Posted by
14th Sep 2017
Happiness is a vague term, which is interpreted differently by all individuals. Personally, I associate fulfilment with happiness and being happy is what alleviates any stress expe...
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08th Sep 2017