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So it's my first post and I am going to get straight to the point. I am sick of my anxiety. Sick to the back teeth of it. It was always lurking in the background, rearing it's ugly...
Posted by
03rd Mar 2016
so here it goes writing my first ever blog, I have suffered on and off with mental health, self harming and depression since I was 16. It difficult to explain when people look at y...
Posted by
29th Feb 2016
So, if I'm going to write a blog I might as well do it, right?! I've not been able to put string any dialogue together for a few months now, it's been like wading through treacle. ...
Posted by
28th Feb 2016
I have been writing my blog for nearly three months now and in that time I have encountered many things about other people's anxiety that I didn't realise before. In many ways, it ...
Posted by
26th Feb 2016
The news last night sickened me, seeing Jimmy Saville surrounded by children, putting his hands on boys, hearing him talking about making young girls say ouch, made me feel sick to...
Posted by
26th Feb 2016
Describing what depression feels like to others is hard - whenever I have a cloudy day, it is hard to explain why the clouds are there; I do not even know myself. I guess there may...
Posted by
26th Feb 2016
People run for different reasons. For some people enjoyment is the key thing, for others it’s about looking good and feeling good; running to stay happy and healthy. For me, runnin...
Posted by
Hazel Christie
25th Feb 2016
It is two years on but I remember the details like it was yesterday. Walking over the bridge back to my car, the phone call that told me something was wrong. Packing a bag, driving...
Posted by
25th Feb 2016
Hi everyone I am doing a talk to police officers who are training to be negotiators.. I was wondering if anyone had anything they would like these officers to no or have any tips f...
Posted by
22nd Feb 2016
I feel like I'm too smart for where I am, I look at the world and I know I don't belong here. I know it sounds weird, it might sound that I'm too full of it and that I'm too smug b...
Posted by
18th Feb 2016