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I have been formally diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and Depression, however I also hear voices and experience some aspects of psychosis. This blog will be dedicated to the ups and...
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22nd Aug 2012
I had an incredible day today. This is what I tweeted earlier: "I just want to hug this day. Sitting peacefully in the park, very content. Feels like the last 3 weeks have been lik...
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18th Aug 2012
I've been thinking about starting to write a blog here on the SANE website, but haven't found time yet to focus on it. So I thought I start with a link to a little short film I hav...
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14th Aug 2012
This fantastic blog post was written by a supporter, and posted on their personal blog here: where you can see many more of their brilliant posts. A huge thank...
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14th Aug 2012
what the hell is happening to me?im taking my meds its been 3 wks since my last episode,ive done the research on bipolar/mental illness then with all that happens why do i feel pos...
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07th Aug 2012
I have thought many times about getting in touch with sane and today took a look at the site and decided to start, at least by putting my thoughts down in a blog. I was diagnosed w...
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27th Jul 2012
Empty life, Empty soul, Empty heart, NO REAL HELP!!!!! Screaming and dying inside :(:(:(:(:(:(:(  ...
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26th Jul 2012
In my life i have come across people who have truly made me feel life has no real sense of meaning, where as others have had such old fashioned beliefs to even realise mental healt...
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23rd Jul 2012
Having suffered from depression, it now seems for most of my life (I didn't know what it was that was wrong with me as a child/teen although I knew there was something) I can hones...
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04th Jul 2012
I have kept every little memento of my life: in depth diaries, airline tickets, photos, letters, emails, text messages, cinema tickets and notes from people – everything and anythi...
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28th Jun 2012