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Talking about mental health is important. As I write this post, I have Placebo playing in the background on my laptop. Music, reading and writing has become a large comfort to me. ...
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10th Aug 2016
SELF HARM: Self harming, no matter HOW you do it, is an ADDICTION. Like any other addiction, it takes hold of you, it finds your weakness and it takes your life, it sucks the soul ...
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06th Aug 2016
So today I have woken up in someone else's bed after a drunken episode that I vaguely remember. I remember talking lots I always do when I'm drunk. I have an alter ego and she come...
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03rd Aug 2016
'Fragmented' is a word that comes frequently into my mind. Now, as I write, Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto plays the beautiful Adagio, it is 11.15pm and I feel relatively peacefu...
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01st Aug 2016
Following my second session of CBT, a chance to take stock what what I have learned and what I hope to achieve. Firstly though, let’s address a couple of important issues. *What Is...
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24th Jul 2016
Hi there. My name is Georgia, and I'm an eighteen year old from Kent, England. I'm a Gemini, an animal lover and a strong advocate that more needs to be done to lessen the stigma a...
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15th Jul 2016
my name is Toni and I am a 29 year old woman from Ruislip, my mental health has always been a struggle for as long as I remember. I have been diagnosed with emotionally unstable pe...
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08th Jul 2016
This week has marked the beginning of something new... I've decided to take control and ownership of my life, after yet another manic breakdown. I've decided the change my career f...
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07th Jul 2016
A Practical Approach in How I Manage Negative Thoughts and Feelings By Ruairi Thomas 28th May, 2016 Part 1 Writing a Letter to Yourself, and Starting a Dialogue with Yourself As a ...
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07th Jul 2016
The Right to Speak & the Importance of Talking By Ruairi Thomas – A Journal Entry “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” E.M.Forster In the experience of personal dif...
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07th Jul 2016