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This week brought a test of my mental resolve and drew out into the open just how far I still have to go on the road to recovery. For some time, I have been contemplating what the ...
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17th Mar 2016
Unless you've been there you can't know the absolute horror, the bleakness of feeling so hopeless that you chose to try and end your life. It doesn't even present itself as a choic...
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14th Mar 2016
My experience of mental illness is something that I, at times, just cannot understand. Depression sucks, it sucks the life out of me. At times depression feels like Iím wearing som...
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12th Mar 2016
I wrote a few days ago when I was still pretty immobile and fractious due to my fractured rib. I can feel things are on the mend and I am managing to sleep better, not waking each ...
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10th Mar 2016
I've been diagnosed with Borderline (Emotionally Unstable) Personality Disorder, Depression (although, I probably should go and get that looked at again) and I also have mild-mediu...
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09th Mar 2016
Hi I have signed up and will be running the great Birmingham run half marathon for sane, I'm far from healthy I smoke I'm a size sixteen and don't exercise. But I will do it this b...
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09th Mar 2016
Today I am having one of those days, tired, empty, anxious, pressured. I want to be motivated but it leads me to feel more in the duldrums. I am alone and a single parent. I look f...
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07th Mar 2016
Letís face it: in most places, itís still not OK to talk openly about your depression or anxiety, and I dread to imagine the reaction someone with Schizophrenia would face after th...
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06th Mar 2016
I had a thought I know a few people who struggle with depression and who are very stressed I thought maybe if we looked through different stress relief activities we could see whic...
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06th Mar 2016
Mind over matter!? Don't be scared... You are not alone... This phase will pass! I've found when in this deep state, filled with fear, wether I'm opting to be sensible and take my ...
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04th Mar 2016