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The void that cant be filled.... Is the one that comes creeping when you least expected. The one that beckons in the middle of a laughter The one that mocks in the middle of a tear...
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12th Apr 2015
Today is Friday the 10th of April the sun is out so I've put the rabbits out for a bit of sunshine on the down side feel bit sad as I should have been going to Spain for a fortnigh...
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10th Apr 2015
I designed an electric car for Delorean car company in 1979 from churchfields comprehensive school. It was published in The Daily Telegraph front page. The paper was taken of the m...
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09th Apr 2015
This is taken from my personal blog - Well, what a week it’s been for mental health, particularly depression, in the media. It’s been a v...
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08th Apr 2015
About 2 years ago now I visited the Esalen community in California as part of my recovery process. I was recently separated from my husband of 28 years. I was struggling with estee...
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06th Apr 2015
What happened to your arm? If only I knew how "not to tell the truth" without lying. I've always been known as an extremely bubbly character, a little weird with a laugh that's fun...
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03rd Apr 2015
Hello all. My name is Michael and I have decided to start writing a blog. I don’t know how many I will write, or even how interesting they will be, but I thought anyway that I woul...
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02nd Apr 2015
Having joined today and in the past shown my support I really must ‘get this off my chest’. I’ve been suffering with ‘mental health’ issues for the past 25 years, but back then it ...
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02nd Apr 2015
My names Emma im 22 years old and i really do not like myself and who i have become. I want everyone to be my friend and like me as a person but how can they when i dont even like ...
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30th Mar 2015
SANE supporter Moira Read has shared the blog she wrote when she was experiencing a particularly difficult day. To read more of her story, visit her blog http://collageconnection.b...
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30th Mar 2015