Just keeping on
Posted by Keeingsane22
20th Feb 2015

I'm not broken. I'm a warrior. I won't fall down. I am a survivor.
I have taken so much from as long as I can remember and I will not just crawl into a corner to hide. My body is weak, my mind is tired.
Don't come near me because I'm not capable of showing emotion right now.
I'm angry. Angry I let all this get to me. I know money is nothing. Only I need money to pay for food and heat and a roof over our heads. Only I'm being chased by societies must do mob and if I don't just become part of their system I will loose. Damned if I do n damned if I don't.
All this because in this country if you don't have an address you can't drive, get insured, get any form of benefit, it's ridiculous.

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