What's it all about.......
Posted by Paul14
24th Jan 2015

This is the first time using this type of sight, not sure what to write or what to say TBH. I have been suffering from Depression and Anxiety for several years now, the triggers have been various issues from my brother sadly passing away 14/15 years ago, having to deal with someone 4 1/2 years ago grooming, at the time my 14 year old son, which in itself trigger a whole host of issues relating for me, Having to deal with the police for nearly in fact two years. Struggling with weight issues, health and recently injuries loosing a percentage of use in my right arm after having an accident. Last May sadly I lost my dad which was the final straw for me. I have had all kinds of counselling from Outlook Southwest, Visualisation therapy, and two years ago counselling too a more specific issue, which I am now back having a 26 week session with everyday issues mixed in with it all. Last night I never sleep hardly a wink, I think eventually I cried myself to sleep, but soon woke in the early hour.....I though I overcome everything and dealt with it all but obviously is s***

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