Posted by Dredmelkor
23rd Jan 2015

[Breathe deeply, slowly and lovingly for yourself.
tell someone how you feel.
tell someone what you're experiencing.
If nobody knows, nobody can or will help.]

The first thing i can say is take some time to yourself if you are feeling unwell.
The difficulties will pass with time, in quite a lot of situations.

Take your medication. If the medication you are on doesn't work or suit you, tell your psychiatrist and request a change in dose or medication.

There are many coping strategies that you can employ if you are experiencing mental health problems.
Some may include some "time out" or "time for yourself" which could include time for meditations, creative visualizations and breathing exercises designed to lift mood and lessen symptoms.
A bath, a shower, some time to care for yourself if you have been neglecting yourself recently.

There are also many things that can help diet-wise.
Any food that is high in tryptophan (a naturally occurring precursor to serotonin) for example bananas, avocados, fish oil supplements, amino acid complexes and such.
Protein-rich foods like meat, beans, pulses etc are great for energy and are full of vital amino acids essential for your bodies repair and function.
Fruit and vegetables if you are lacking them in your diet.

Avoid sugar, caffeine and other stimulating things. sometimes they can exacerbate mental symptoms.

Avoid street drugs.

Give yourself a pat on the back or congratulate yourself if you've done well with something.
Appreciate yourself.
Go on, smile, its OK to be you.

Make improvements in your lifestyle choices.
For example, if you smoke, try to cut down or stop, if you drink do the same.
Eat healthier food.
You may find your health improves drastically which can have a knock on effect on the mind
and the way you feel about yourself and others.

Do not be ashamed or scared to talk about yourself, the way you feel about something, or your thoughts regarding something or someone. Bottling things up can result in a volcano of emotions, not to mention stress, worry and tension. Not worth enduring.

If you have a CPN use their time wisely. Same with a social worker, get as much help and support as you can, because even just engaging someone in conversation is a learning curve for you and may help with the help and support, courses etc that are on offer (cbt, dbt, emotional coping strategies etc.)

If you are religious, pray, meditate, worship do the things you can to help yourself.

Don't always go for the easy option, it may not be the correct one for you.

Don't forget about a thing called love.

And be patient, not a patient, things will improve.

Remember who you are. You are you, not your diagnosis, symptoms or the situation you are in.

More to come

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