Recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Posted by Amyc1990
18th Jan 2015

Recovery from PTSD can be a beautiful but treacherous journey. I have embarked on my recovery recently and have experienced great highs and lows, even in the five months since I took the first step.

I have been thrilled when through my therapy I have been able to shed psychosomatic symptoms, and emerge from flashbacks that have haunted me for years, unscathed, and better yet, never having that recurring flashback that came every day until the sweet release.

I have met many experts, who have reassured me, by being so incredibly understanding and knowledgeable as well as helping me hugely by sharing their extensive expertise. Something my family and I have been most grateful for.

I am finally, finally moving forward. After seven long years of events that further impacted my difficulties, I am peeling away the layers of trauma that have troubled me for so long.

I can now control my dissociation to an extent where I can live a relatively normal life, with just small transient relapses, rather than great catastrophes. My flashbacks are receding faster now than my Father’s hairline and my nightmares, with the help of therapy and medication have virtually vanished.

I am not going to pretend it is all sunshine and butterflies, with no rain or storms. Sometimes the dark clouds come rolling in and you want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep for a million years, or scream so loud your eardrums burst, but with the great support I am blessed to have I know I will never succumb to such temptations.

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