My experience of a s136 and how it saved me
Posted by ItsCridibasLife
17th Jan 2015

It was a few years ago now when i lived with my partner and carer Sarah. I had been up all night pacing about the house. Feeling extremely suicidal and agitated. My thoughts were brought on from intense flashbacks i kept experiencing. My partner stayed up with me even though she needed to do the school run in the morning and tried to ease me and settle me down. At this point i had no contact with the crisis team and it was too late to call my care co-ordinator. Iv contacted the crisis team in the past but you can't self refer any more. I didn't want to go to A&E and refused to take any PRN medication. I was determined i was going to end it and i had a plan.

I left the house in the early hours of the morning and headed to a local beauty spot were there was a cliff i intended on jumping off. But on my way there i was stopped by the police. The officer that stopped me was very nice and calming, he questioned me about how i was feeling and what i was up to. After what seemed like a lifetime of haze and confusion i told him my plans. He tried to reassure me and suggested that he take me to hospital to see on call psychiatrist. To this i refused and i walked off, he followed me still trying to convince me to go to hospital but i kept refusing.

At this point i was in tears and broke down, the police officer put me in the back of his van, he jumped in front and turned the heating on as it was bitterly cold. I was talking to me all the time but i wasnt taking any of it in. All i heard was is that he was detaining me under section 136 of the mental health act and taking me to a place of safety. I was scared and thought i had been arrested but i couldn't have been more wrong.

I arrived at a s136 suit at my local hospital and waited in the back of the van while he went and dealt with matters. I was cold, shaking, crying and all i wanted was for all of it to end. After about half an hour he came back, got back in the van, started the engine and drove off. I wondered what was happening and after about 20 minutes we arrived at another hospital s136 suit. This time he let me out of the van and led me inside.

The suit was very secure, with a metal door and only a bed, a chair and toilet in it. I sat down on the floor in the corner with my head in my hands and thought about what was going to happen next. The police officer stayed with me all the time trying to reassure me but i wasnt listening. I felt awful and just wanted out of there. A nurse came in and brought hot food and a desert but i couldn't eat at that time. She said a doctor was on the way and i would be assessed. After i warmed up a little my mind started easing a little as the police officer was still talking to me. This time i was listening, he was asking what was wrong and i answered him as best i could. I told him about my flashbacks and how i wanted it all to stop. He was very nice and calmed me down, he offered me the food and i slowly started to eat it and felt all warm inside.

The doctor arrived, only a junior doctor though and took me into another room and asked me lots of questions. At this point i was willing to accept the help and agreed to stay in hospital on an informal basis. She took bloods and gave me some lorazepam, and within 15 minuets i felt calm, relaxed and just wanted to shut down for the night. After a couple of hours or so i was taken onto the ward and showed around. It had a large communal area and private bed spaces. The police officer at this time wished me luck and left.

I wish i knew this officers name so that i could thank him for what he did. He literally saved my life that night and spared my family going through hell.

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