getting through it
Posted by cathyann
3rd Jan 2015

I have suffered with depression for a couple of years now, since having my daughter. I just remember feeling really tired, emotional and forgetful, things that I had not had when she was first born, my daughter was 5 months old when I started to feel really low. I could not remember basic things, like how to put on the washing, or fill my car with petrol. When I could not remember how to defrost my car so I could get my boys to school, I started to get worried and made an appointment with the dr. I had no idea that it was depression. I went onto medication and began to feel ok, but get really anxious about everything to do with the children, I would not let them out of my sight as I was convinced that someone was going to take them away.
I really felt like my children were beginning to suffer, even though I tried to keep it away from them, my husband has to take over a lot of the parenting as I was too tired and anxious, I started drinking to escape it all.
I was looking online for some help and came across a list of counsellors in my area. My gp had mentioned it to me, but there was a waiting list for NHS, so when I came across this list for private counsellors I did some research and chose one I liked and sent her a message.
A week later I was meeting her and I cannot begin to tell you how she has helped me, she never judges me, I can say what I like and she always gives me coping strategies and tells me to be good to myself and take time out for me. I have now joined a sewing group, which I love, I have met some wonderful people and I have told my family and friends about my depression recently. They have all been so supportive and I am very lucky to have them. My husband has helped me so much as have my three babies.
I feel now that I am coming out the other side, it is so hard to think about getting better whne you are in the middle of it, it feels like you will never get away from it. I still have my bad days and I have just started a grab jar to help me on down days, I also have started to visit this site more as I always like to read the blogs and see how other people are doing, it is a good reminder that you are not alone.
Best wishes,
Cathyann x

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