My recipe of peace
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2nd Jan 2015

A thoughtful blog by triber Antalia on how to gain the peace that you may have lost. More excellent posts can be found on Antalia's blog and you can follow her on Twitter @taliterblanche.

During Christmas last year in South Africa, my boyfriend drew a peace sign in the sand on a beach.  At the time I thought it was very cute and a perfect time for a nice little photo opportunity; however whilst reflecting on this time last year, I realise that a “peace of me” is missing…a lot can happen in a year, or even just over a month.  I need to get this peace back.  To do this, I need to think about how peace is made.

This is my Recipe of Peace – as time goes on and the oven heats, I will aim to have a peaceful heart and will hopefully gain the peace I once felt back…like the peace on this beach on the other side of the world.


Empty the cup of negativity – not allowed in the kitchen

A million tablespoons of happiness

A dash of positivity

365 smiles – to serve for a year

Mix with essence of peaceful thinking

- Heat to rays of sunshine

- Share with all

1) Drain away any negative energy and hate.  Do not let this in the mix – it will rot the ingredients and leave a sour taste

2) Add a million tablespoons of happiness.  This is a key ingredient to bring out the full flavour and life of this recipe.

3) Throw in a dash of positivity…this goes a long way.  This will absorb well with the happiness, creating a fluffy cloud-like mixture.

4) This may take a while, but adding 365 smiles is what makes the mixture thick, with happy feelings and self-confidence.  Tastes better with added laughter.

5) Lastly, pour in essence of peaceful thinking to complete the recipe.  Whisk together and your peace is taking shape.

- Heat the oven to 27 million degrees, like the rays of the Sun, and your now ready peace will fill you with light, warmth and peace.

- TIP: Share with the loved ones in your life and the new people you will meet.  Just a taste of this new found peace will enrich their lives just as much as your own.



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