A Mental healthy Christmas
Posted by dirkgently1066
11th Dec 2014

Christmas time is here again,
So ends a year of hope, a year of pain.

I returned to work, moved on at last,
Learned to forgive and forget my past.

I achieved a dream, which still feels strange,
I learned the importance of making change.

Some battles were lost, some were won,
I lost a father, I gained a son.

But mental illness is never far away,
It is a demon I must confront each and every day.

Depression doesn't care if you're happy or sad,
If you've been naughty or nice, good or bad.

And anxiety can come from out of the blue,
To tell you you're no good, even though it's not true.

To combat the negative thoughts in my head,
I think of the ways in which I am blessed.

The girls we thought we would never see,
Our son who completes our family tree.

They bring me joy, they spend my money,
I don't know if I should cry or find it funny.

There's a place missing at the table this year,
Always in our thoughts, though you're no longer here.

So here's to a Christmas full of festive cheer,
And a mental healthy and happy New Year.

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