The Lighthouse
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10th Dec 2014

Triber Helen has written a poem about the strength and hope she gets from the love and support of her partner, friends and family. She said: "It was nice to share it with them so they can understand how much their support means to me and what a difference it makes - even though they may not always see it."

There’s a lighthouse in the distance, I see it shining bright.
In its constant, out-stretched beam, I see hope to help me fight.
And although the fog is thickening, growing gloomier by the day,
The strength and courage of that light will keep me on my way.

Even though I cannot reach it yet, just to know it’s there
Is enough to keep me going, with my silent, hopeful prayer.
Its light helps me focus on the path I must now take -
A long and testing journey, but one, I know, that I must make.

The gloom and fog, I fear at times, will grow thicker and close in
But the lighthouse and its beam of love will keep me strong within
Because even in my darkest hours, and when all my hope is gone
I know that lighthouse and its ray of light, will still be shining on.

So when I reach the safety of the shore I know is there,
And I finally beat this thickening fog and all of its despair.
I will stand beside that lighthouse and say thank you for the gift
Of light, of love, of hope and strength, that helped set my fears adrift.

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