Anti psychotics
Posted by Bumblebee22
5th Dec 2014

I have been told to take aripiprazole antipsychotics medication.
I am not happy as i have done some research and my worst fear is weight gain.
Please does anyone no of a alternative solution as I can't afford to gain more weight as I am already over weight and struggling to lose.
I have spoke with psychiatrist,about my concern and she spoke with Doctor and now they say for me to research and choose my own meds.
I have been told my thought is where i start a sentence but don't finish it ,are change subject,skip sentence and people don't make sense of me.this is how I am,i have been told this is frustrating for people surrounding me.
I am over emotional and not in control and have deep sadness.
Anyway enough can someone tell me there experience with meds and has it improved your life and have you lost weight ,are you struggling like me to make a decision ,
I no this sounds crazy ,but it's my worst fear gain weight as I just can't seem to lose it at the moment and its causing me anxiety that if I take anti psychotics i shall gain weigh,don't have anyone to ask so alone with this please help,the thought of gaining weight makes me feel suicidal.
However the way I feel my motivation is zero and just don't no where to turn.

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