How to be yourself: An Amateur Guide
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3rd Dec 2014

Every idea starts with an influence.

My main influence for this blog, is my best friend.
For weeks I told her she is more than welcome to live with me and my dysfunctional parents, but it takes a little more than persuasion when you have to leave a three year relationship, and a cat. So, after a very reluctant struggle, I finally managed to convince her to move away from her abusive boyfriend.

But, picking up the pieces that her boyfriend left behind, was not an easy task, especially when I was broken myself. Can you fix something that is already broken? Of course, all you need is super glue or some gaffe tape. Or in my case, a best friend.

And as her best friend, I told her honestly that I was suffering with depression and anxiety, so I needed her support as well. Then I said, ďitíll be like a project, líll help you become yourself again and you can help me become myself againĒ.
It was at that time in my life which was the hardest of all. I was prescribed sertraline for mild depression and anxiety; for weeks it made me feel worse- I just wasn't myself, everyone around me noticed. It took me five years to pluck up the courage to see a doctor, and years before I didn't even realise I was a victim of sexual abuse from when I was nine years of age, which probably caused my depression in the first place.

Because I was diagnosed with mild depression, I felt like a fraud. I felt like, because I didn't cut deep enough or cry hard enough in the waiting room, I didn't deserve to be rescued. I can tell you now, to those who think that mild depression is nothing, it is not. Mild depression stops you from doing things you would usually enjoy doing, and most importantly, stops you from being yourself.
I'm working on a project, determined to become my usual cheerful self, I'm feeling better because I'm cutting out the negativity in my life. How is that even possible? Easy, think that the glass is always half full, and surround yourself with people who appreciate you.

We all lose ourselves at some point, but we can become ourselves again if we try.

Here are a few things you should know about my (official) blog:

This is an AMATEUR self help guide for people with either low self esteem, a mental health issue or are just trying to find themselves again after a moment of crisis.
Sometimes we lose sight of who we are and discard the things we once loved doing,. This blog aims to help you build your personality again and become the person you are best at being: yourself.

I hope you find all the information helpful in some way, I'm not a professional but I am an expert on giving advice based on my personal experience.

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