First experience of AMHT
Posted by moody_blues
3rd Dec 2014

I was diagnosed with Bi-polar Disorder a long time ago and up until last year had regular contact with a CMHT to review my medication and see how things were going. At the end of the year the whole system changed and I was discharged from their care. About 3 months ago I started to come down off a mild high into a deep depression caused by a Flu virus. It took me just over 2 months to get from making an appointment with a GP to an AMHT assessment, by which time I was struggling quite a bit. I was given access to an assessment team CPN for 4 weeks, A short period at a Day Hospital, 2 days a week and Mirtazapine. At a review recently, I was told I wouldn't be receiving treatment support from them and would be discharged back to my GP. This concerns me as I am still struggling with an unstable mood and poor sleep. I am very worried about coping with this alone. Is this tight and very prescriptive care package the norm?

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