Should we save the bee's?
Posted by Johnson007
28th Nov 2014

Friday 28th November 2014

'Well, what a week....... I wish I had more friends with Mental health problems..... I wish this country was
three times the size it is.......I wish there was more wildlife in the local parks...I wish the trees in the parks
had fruits on them.....Am going to build a big big statue and put it in Hyde Park.. the statue would be in the
image of Nelson Mandela....(he thought for freedom's, he did..). why can't someone open a café which
solely caters for disabled people?.....I have been to the support forums and read some interesting stuff,
but what I would say to those out there is, we are all special people let us stick together and do the best to
help & support one another. Has anybody been to America? you can completely get lost in that country...
Why don't somebody put together a football team made up solely of people with mental health problems?
I would love to watch them play... Well this is all for now, am not going to bore you to death..... take care...'

p.s. Paula Glasgow I think your awesome xxx

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