Finding the end.
Posted by Sal4595
27th Nov 2014

Now, there are many different possible interpretations of what 'the end' means to all of us.

Maybe the end of a coursework, end of a bad job, end of a bad situation which is currently affecting you, or just, the end of everything.

I am currently struggling at deciding what the end means to me.

Sometimes 'the end' is just the end of one coursework I need to submit next week, but this of course as any uni student knows, is never ending.
Other times, 'the end' means the end of the loneliness I feel, and just waiting for the right person to come around how can control and handle this emotional mess I call my life.
Right now, 'the end', is just that, the end of life, the end of everything.

I am enduring a constant war with my sub-concious and conscious self. Battling and telling myself that I the end result worth the struggle of the war. There may be a few battle scars along the way, more hidden than people at first believe, but there will be an end.

On a bad day, 'the end' may seem so soon, and so clear. One needs to avoid the end at all costs by remembering about what there is yet to do. There are so many more obstacles and challenges before the end is even to be considered. There is always something new and wonderful to be challenged with.
Life is a constant journey filled with challenges and unexpected changes. All of which just makes us all stronger, more experienced, more interesting people.

Wrinkles on ones face may be taken to represent the hardships endured throughout life, but alternatively could represent each struggle the person has overcome, and has learnt from. The deeper the wrinkle, the more influential the lesson learnt.
We all grow as people throughout our lives. I intend to live my life welcoming any challenges which may come my way, enduring the hardships I am faced with, and thriving off the positive people and positive activities I will surround myself with.
With this, I will have the deepest wrinkles, learnt the hardest lessons, but I will have had the most for-filled life I could have. I will have come out the other side and will be bringing people with me. I will be contempt with knowing I didn't get up, and I did make it to the end.

I will be an inspiration to the next generation.
I will be an interesting story to pass on.

I will finish my journey when my story is complete.

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