23m with no life
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26th Nov 2014

In a nutshell.. i was born an idiot and i still am a idiot.. i'm 23 years old with no qualifications, no job, no social life, no friends. All my life iv'e made bad fucking decisions.. even though i mean good and want to achieve shit in life i feel like i'm in a damn loop of shit.. i take a step forward and take 10 back.. i was raised by my nan because my mum's a smackhead and my dad upped and fucked off when i was 3 months old for better things.. pfft.. can't say i blame him to be honest.. oh i also spent a few years in care, got moved from home to home though because they couldn't cope with my adhd.. then at 18 i moved in with my first gf.. she fell pregnant fucked off before the baby was born and now 4 years have passed and iv'e not seen my daughter at all. Then i moved in with my second gf and we currentley live in a 1 bed shithole of a flat with are 2 year old boy on benefits.. BUT he get's well looked after and always make sure he gets what he needs. I have anxiety/depression that has ruled my life for some years now and forced me to sit at home and never go out.. NEVER.. unless i have too.. i'm like 5'' 10 weigh 9 stone and look like a boy.. seriously my life is fucked!! hence why i'm sat here writing this. Please don't be too harsh i'm fragile enough. WTF is wrong with me??? ( everything)

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