The great escape
Posted by Caronhw
26th Nov 2014

I bet you haven't missed me, clogging up your newsfeed! Yesterday I arrived back at the hospital to see Dr Aurora at 10am. This was to sort out the previous cock-up regarding my ECT that didn't happen. We arrived at the hospital ontime and I was taken to the ward where I waited, and waited, and waited! It would appear my consultant is running late, so in the interim, and no doubt to keep me placated, I am taken off to meet the anaesthetist who will prep me in advance of my ECT being performed tomorrow. Notes taken, advice given, I walk back to the ward to see my Doctor and to get this flipping ECT prescribed. It has gone 12 already, 2 hours after my due appointment time, and no doctor in sight ! Best check with a nurse.....aaaaah! Silly me, of course , it's dinner time. Dr won't be back 'til 1.30pm!! So, more waiting and finally, at 2.20pm (only 4 hours 20 mins late ) I get to see the man himself. 'Thankyou for waiting', he says!!!! Now my true colours are about to show themselves. I'm fuming. Last weeks half hour private appointment with the same chap cost 275 - I bet if I was paying him that again he might have been ontime, perhaps even early !! All finally sorted, I can leave to go home, ECT booked for 9.15am today, and NIL BY MOUTH again from midnight last night. I'd been advised to take my medication at 7am this morning, with a sip of water... No more than a sip because of the general anaesthetic. Up early, showered, hair washed, meds taken,mouth like the bottom of a budgies cage, I'm ready to get back to the hospital. I arrive, anxious about what's about to happen, but also relieved that this could be the beginning of my recovery. I'm taken to the ECT suite, have some lovely green gel smeared onto each temple and am just running through the routine check questions when we reach the 'nil by mouth' one.' Yes,' I reply.' I've had nothing other than my tablets, as instructed, with a sip of water at 7am'.
There is a silence. Here I sit with my lovely green gelled up face only to be told. 'No ECT for you today' and 'who told you to take your medication this morning?'. Well, that would be my senior consultant and my anaesthetist! Jeez, does anybody communicate here at all? The right hand doesn't seem to know what the left hand is doing! Now, if you've ever been to a psychiatric unit, you will realise the doors have a special release button so nutters like me can't escape. I am so angry at this point that I hot foot it behind any member of staff going through a door, and tailgate my way out. That's it, I'm thru! I've had enough of being messed around. If I didn't already have depression and anxiety, I most certainly would have developed it by now. Off I go, dragging my suitcase behind me, clip clopping thru' the mud and leaves in my high heeled river island boots,muttering under by breath to find a bus stop. I haven't caught a bus since I was 12, and with only 5 to my name, this could prove challenging. Little did I realise I have been chased down the road by the medical staff! Oh dear, now I'm for it! Back I go, with visions of being put in a padded cell when I return, only to be apologised to again for the hospitals mistakes.
So, here I am, back on the ward, admitted 'til Friday when (presuming there is no further cock up) I should receive the ECT that was promised over a week ago. I'm not holding my breath. Hey ho! At least there's the hospital dinner to look forward to. OH! Liver and onions :-( maybe not!!

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