Should we save the bee's?
Posted by Johnson007
24th Nov 2014

I think despair is a cruel emotion to feel....... I like oranges but they are not all the same. What I mean by
that is, mental health people are people too.. we count... we're special.....I think more should be done to
ensure our welfare (I mean animals have charities right? raise funds etc..) ... I think what we all need is a
nice long holiday abroad somewhere, maybe the Carribean... Many mental health people aim to be normal,
whereas they should be dynamic....every great inventor etc was quirky and odd...In the West the majority
rules.. and these people hate anything that's not the same as them.....this is our problem.... You cannot
be different anymore....(these people don't like differences..) know that programme Big Brother?
trying to get people to act in a certain way?.....Remember the film Matrix?....I think (only tongue in cheek)
that these people want a world where everybody acts and thinks the same. Their very close to achieving
that, seriously. note: I really like Sane.... This is my blog and am not going to bore you to death too soon
but upload info as and when I see this is all for now....I hope the above gives you something to
chew over.....Rome wasn't built in a day.. no actually it was built in two days. Adios....Ciao.

p.s. Paula Glasgow I love you xxx

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