A catalogue of errors
Posted by Caronhw
21st Nov 2014

Today was my first day on the Beaumont ward at the Glenfields Bradgate unit. I was admitted late last night and after being brought to the ward I was put into room 12, and told I was nil by mouth, as my ECT was going to take place first thing this morning. At 2am this morning, I was awoken by a nurse to be take to see the duty doctor, who ran an ECG did my obs and took some routine bloods. I promptly fainted!! The dr told me my ECT would take place sometime after 9am today. So by 9am, having heard nothing, I shuffled along the corridor to find out where I should be and how much longer I have to wait for a well earnt cuppa! I'm parched and gasping for a drink and a shower. Two nurses were sat at a table and immediately said (not even asking my name) 'you are not having ECT today, so get your breakfast as it is about to close'. Bewildered, and somewhat hazy with drugs , I questioned as to whether they had the right patient. Were they aware I had seen the duty dr during the night? No, they didn't realise that but breakfast is finishing soon so get it before it closes .Well I certainly don't feel reassured that they know what they are talking about, so I question yet again. 'Are you sure I am allowed to eat and why has my ECT been cancelled?'The nurse called Shirley then rolled here eyes at me ( oh yes she did,bad move) and said 'well, if you want to ask someone else speak to the clinic nurse. 'Where would that be?'I ventured. She pointed to a queue outside a door and told me to join it. I could almost feel her rolling her eyes at me as I turned my back to her.
So there I stood, in my little nightie with my big bear furry slippers on, waiting to be seen. When I finally reached the clinic nurse, she advised me that there had been an oversight and my ECT hadn't been prescribed by my consultant and as such couldn't proceed!! I was given half my meds - they hadn't got everything I needed, and I wandered back to the breakfast room . Attitude Shirley ( as I will now call her) said with a half grin on her face 'breakfast is finished now, your too late, I told you to get it and you didn't listen ' . I could see she was getting some sort of evil pleasure delivering this news to me , so I explained why I had wanted to check the state of play first before scuppering any chances of receiving the ECT I had been promised. She again accused me of not listening, and as I explained to her that her attitude left a lot to be desired, she hurrumphed off and slammed the door on me! Now, being a bit of a delicate flower at the moment, guess what?? I started to cry!!no surprised there then eh? I had also mentioned I needed some soap to have a shower, so back Attitude Shirley comes, no offer of 'hey, you look upset, are you ok?' No! With a stoney face she virtually throws the soap at me, turns on her heal, tutting and shaking her head as if I am the most difficult person she has ever had to deal with! Wow ! How do people with such dreadful attitudes get a job working with the vulnerable and depressed who simply need a little kindness shown to them when they are already in a bad place? I asked another nurse , who had witnessed the whole shenanigans, about Attitude Shirley's lack of empathy, and was met with silence. Obviously, this is how "us difficult" patients will be treated. Very unfair if you ask me. How can someone employed in mental health work, deliver their duties without compassion and understanding, when they are dealing with the most vulnerable of people? It's a disgrace.
Onto the next muddle up- my ECT will not proceed today due to the muddle up with my notes (apparently there are now 2 of me!!!) scary thought, my ECG is missing, my ECT hadn't been prescribed by mr Arora, and he isn't back in til next week! Great! This now means 1) either I stay in hospital all weekend so I'm guaranteed a bed for next week or 2) I ask to be discharged for the weekend, spend time with my doggies and my family, and hope next week the hospital get their act together.
So far, so crap!!!no wonder the NHS is haemorrhaging money and in such a mess! It would seems departments do not communicate, procedures aren't followed, and consequently I could be taking up a bed, for no good reason other than to 'bagsie' it for my treatment next week before any other 'nutter' beats me too it!!
I will keep you posted, assuming you haven't dozed off already!!

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