Species dysphoria - me and my struggles
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13th Nov 2014

Triber @dysphoricwolf writes about his species dysphoria, a condition where one feels that their body is of the wrong species.

Try just for a day seeing the world through my eye
Seeing everything as bad, hatred and negative
Then ask me again why I always seem to cry

Just look at all the darkness where there should be light
Seeing yourself as a monster, and alien a stranger
Every mirror I see just reminds me that I'm not right

Feel the sadness and pain where there should be joy
See the human skin, nails, fingers and toes
When inside you feel like a beast not a boy

Species dysphoria is the name of my disease
Born into the wrong body, the wrong type
And when I shout no-one hears my pleas

So please cruel world just let me be me
Don't taunt shout poke and mock
All I want to do is be totally free

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