Starting a new journey - Trauma Therapy
Posted by Daisy Duke
9th Nov 2014

After battling for treatment with the NHS for literally months myself and my family decided to go private. I am fortunate however that a therapist I know and trust from the NHS has recently gone over to the private sector.

So I have begun Trauma Therapy which I have to admit over the years I have avoided. I am aware that it needs to be done and that all the other treatment I have had in the past has only been like sticking plasters. It works for a while but then falls off and doesnt work anymore.

I have severe episodes of depression and mixed anxiety disorder (whatever that is) caused by childhood trauma; I have PTSD.

My therapist has warned me that this is going to be a rough ride, that once we begin down this road I must see it through. I have had two sessions and already I am struggling with my mind. I am okay in my own little world but trying to interact is difficult. I know it is a chemical reaction. I have taken the lid of the box of worms and boy they want to get out! Squirming away in the pit of my stomach. My family and I know that this is going to be difficult but it has to be done.

I am hoping that in doing this at the age now of 41 I will be able to find myself. That I will acknowledge the fact that no one owns me, no one has any bearing on my thoughts and feelings, that no one can hurt me now and that I will never allow them to hurt me again.

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