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4th Nov 2014

Triber The Man Behind The Bandana blogs about the need to be alone with your thoughts and feelings when you have depression, and how such desires can be misconstrued as being "antisocial" by others.

Depression is a lonely illness, and sometimes you can feel really alone - just you against the world, carrying everything by yourself. Even when in a crowd of people you can still feel alone, especially when people don’t understand your illness and just think that you're 'sad', which is not always the case.

Just because we are 'labelled' Depressants, it doesn’t mean that we are always sad; yes, we have our red days, but as long as we are having more green days than red, then we can accept that not every day is going to be a green one - we can get by.

Sometimes we want to be alone, just to try and compose ourselves, try and clear our heads. When people think we are being antisocial, we aren’t; sometimes there's just so much going on in our heads that we need to take a step away and think for a while. Most of the time we don’t want to talk - and particularly face to face. Because its not the easiest thing in the world, coming to terms with everything that is happening to us in our lives, like a teenager going through puberty, so if we can find another way to talk or vent then that's great because then we are not bottling it up and making things worse for ourselves.

Sometimes we don’t need anyone to understand or listen, we just need a hug and someone to say that things will be okay - they are only bad for now. That is one thing you need to remember: the illness may be for life, but the stuff that is happening is only FOR NOW; things are constantly changing so this won't always be the way it is.

Just remember that you are never alone. Whether you have a partner or not, there are people that love and care about you, and people there to help. Even if it's you reading this, then you have taken a step forward and are trying to help yourself, which is a big step towards coping with depression.

Keep going! Don’t give up! Don’t ever give up! You are doing great!

Read more from The Man Behind The Bandana on his blog or on Twitter @MBTBandana. (Image: Iguana Mouth.)

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