Bipolar boderline personality disorder
Posted by Chloelou
2nd Nov 2014

This morning I love you but later I will hate you. I can go from your fantasy to your worst nightmare in 0.1 seconds. When you meet me I am perfect whatever you need in a woman that is me I will cater to your every need but please do not fall in love with me because I will know. Everyone has boundaries to begin with I will push the just slightly just to test the water I like to play games. But soon I will have you begging on your knees for me to stop playing with your emotions. But you can't leave I need you I can't live without you. Your dream will return I'm like whiplash it's safer for you to get away while you can but now your stuck I'm good at manipulation. But honestly I am sorry I don't mean to treat you this way I crave everyone's love and acceptance and it's only because I know you love me I treat you this way. I try to be a better person I take my meds without fail although now they do not work. I want to go out for meals but I can't be bothered I want to have a mortgage but I can't work two weeks without becoming bored. I have so many dreams but if I really face it they will never happen because I will never truly get better and that's the part that hurts the most. All I want is to be happy and to make others happy but I always fail miserably. Even the voices in my head hate me but at least with them I know I will never be alone.
You can call me bbpd.

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