Beware the STIGMA monster!
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31st Oct 2014

Beware the STIGMA monster my friends,
For its horror knows no ends.
Leader of all the stirrers,
It schemes and lies as it emerges.
Even through silence it shall deafen,
Because it uses images, words and ideas as its weapons.

Beware the STIGMA monster my friends,
for it shall not apologise as it descends.
It constantly evolves into different forms and shapes,
leaving dirty trails wherever it does traipse.
A human, a platitude, a headline- it is all these things among us,
feeling no remorse for its distorted moral compass.

Beware the STIGMA monster my friends,
for hefty preparation is needed as defence.
Its attacks come relentless and new tactics are revealed,
which can penetrate even the strongest shield.
It shoots out its labels and launches its stereotypes,
and the wounds it leaves are getting harder to wipe.

Beware the STIGMA monster my friends,
for it is writing our futures with its poison pen.
It is a smiling assassin, within the everyday it masquerades,
and this is what should make us very afraid.
It’s fake mask of decency, its clever words, its rhetoric,
the illusions it pulls out of its twisted hat of magic tricks.

Beware the STIGMA monster my friends,
for it banks on you believing the message it sends.
It wishes you to take it to heart because once it should enter,
there it will unleash its true power as tormentor.
It claims your mind and reaches out to pull the wool over your eyes,
And it is then, my friends,
That the STIGMA monster has become internalised

Melanie Jay Narayanasamy, 2014

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