The way i used to be to now...
Posted by pearhead3
27th Oct 2014

When I look back over the last 3-5 years I used to put a lot of a brave smile on trying to be the class clown at parties, allways the funny guy.
The fat man with the horrible sense of humour who can make a stale faced bat laugh but inside I was hurting I was full of some un-recognisable force that wanted to make me ill, I was depressed seeing things hearing voices, loosing touch with my sense of reality as I know it.

Now Ive been diagnosed with obsessive intrusive thoughts, psychosis, a personality disorder, depression, anxiety I feel like a walking pill box! but I know Im getting somewhere with myself addressing the illnesses I have.

I don't quite feel on the road to recovery yet I feel like im getting worse before im gonna get better but I don't know wither that's just my mind-set at the minute.

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