Please don't try to fix me today
Posted by eleanoroldham
21st Oct 2014

Please donít try to fix me, for today I need to cry;
I know I need to fix myself, but todayís not the day to try.
Just let me be and you will see that one day Iíll be fine;
This darkness will be forgotten, but right now itís truly mine.

Tomorrow I will listen to your kind words and advice,
I will think of ways to brighten my days and lift this negative vice.
I may not feel so lonely, such anxiety and despair;
Itís then I will try to fix myself, and be grateful that youíre there.

So thank you for understanding that today I just need to be
A useless well of built up sadness; but I still need your company.
Bit by bit Iíll rebuild my life and things will be okay;
But put your arms around me and hold me tightly for today.

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