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13th Oct 2014

We have received the following poem about depression and mental health stigma, from triber Helen - she loves writing and this is the first thing she has managed to get down on paper in two years, so we are very thrilled to share it with you all!

There’s nothing I can show you, no damage to be seen,

Well at least not on the outside, where it matters it would seem.

Some say that’s it’s all in the mind and I suppose, in part, that’s true,

But please don’t tell me “just cheer up” and that “sometimes we’re all blue”.

The disease that is eating me, it won’t show up on any scan,

But it is real and it is crippling and could beat even the strongest man.

The darkness is all consuming, the emptiness never-ending,

“I’m fine, I am, I promise” - I have to keep pretending!

Because even those who love me, I fear will not understand,

The desperation, the torment, the fear that this disease makes me withstand.

I wish you could see inside me, where the bruises really are,

To see my fragile, broken mind and my soul with its deep scar.

Maybe then would come a time when I wouldn’t have to hide,

When I could bear my soul, and ask for help for the pain inside.

A time when the fear and stigma of depression is in the past,

When this illness and its impact is understood at such long last.

Because the hardest thing about my illness, that I have long endured,

Are the warped accusations that somehow I’m choosing not to be cured.

That there’s a way I can just out-think it, and send it on its way,

But to someone with a tumour, that’s something you’d never say!

So although my disease is hidden, deep inside my mind,

Please do your best to understand, and above all else be kind.

Take a moment, have a think, how do you think you’d feel?

To be crippled by a devastating disease, while some question if it’s real?

So my plea it is a simple one, it’s all I ask of you:

Treat a person with depression, how you’d like to be treated too.

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