Mountains, ha - more like a hill!
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2nd Oct 2014

Heartily Mindful has written a poem about how she has managed to overcome obstacles - and how she is here to support others who are struggling. "I would like to say most of all that you are never alone," she writes. "I have been there, we have been there and we will be there to support you."

I might keep using mountains as an analogy of what I have done through my depression, only because that is what I have done - climbed, but I have fallen as well. I have got back up to where I am and, boy, it feels good to do that. I have walked up hills as well; mountains are the steps to my change.  

Take a look through the rest of my blog to see what I have achieved and to know that I will not leave you; you will never be alone:  

Climb every mountain
Wish for what you want
Look at all the straight roads
Without any bumps

See the sunshine ahead
And the rain clouds behind
With the light up front
And the dark behind

See the birds fly around you
And the walls fallen down
With the river on the side
Instead of all around

The footprints which are yours
Instead of just theirs
The sand you can feel
Running through your toes

Feel the wind in your hair
Not just whistling around the walls
Touch the rose petals with your fingers
Instead of watching them fall

I have been there too you know
The sadness deep inside
The Pain so hollow
I didn’t think it would go

I have felt alone in my own brick walls
Day by day I poked a hole
Where nobody else would go
Now I have changed

I still stumble
I have the times where the darkness returns
It doesn’t mean that things aren’t different
But, I will say I have changed

I have walked the road
Talked the talk
Now I fly above
On the mountain in front

I will step one more
And impress even myself
When I know I have confidence
I will finally be there

I will be there with you
When you poke a hole through the wall
When you look at the light

When you need to talk, I will be here

Read more of Heartily Mindful's encouraging words here or make contact on Twitter @heartilymindful.

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