Helping is for anyone
Posted by jkhatmind
29th Sep 2014

(Firstly I would like to mention I intend to cause no offence with this blog post.)

I can't say that I have been truly affected by mental ill-health before. My great-grandmother suffered from dementia and my aunt has done an enormous amount of work for mental health charities. But while I was researching my ideal career choice (I'm an A-level student), I came across psychiatry and consequently, mental health.

It struck me that while mental illness is so common (1 in four people), you don't hear much about it in mainstream news. To me, that seemed unjust, that so many people, with various degrees of suffering, don't get their stories out to the mainstream. I too have my problems (OCD for example, compulsive tendencies, obssessive thoughts).

So I thought, why don't I do my best to make a difference? I may be insignificant, my knowledge lacking, but small acts of kindness work too don't they? In my ways I have been affected by mental illness and instead of remaning ignorant about the facts, I want to teach myself and try to help those who suffer as well as raise increasing awareness.

So, where before I may have known nothing about mental illness, I'm now setting out to teach myself, and the public about this important issue.

Thank you for reading this.

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