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29th Sep 2014

Triber Mel has shared with us the encouraging letter she wrote to herself about the changes she needs to make in order to benefit her future self.

I recently began to look through a CBT workbook and try some of the activities. The book is called “Overcoming Depression and Low Mood: A Five Areas Approach” by Dr Chris Williams, and is a great book, very accessible and well put together.

My attempt at self-help has been short-lived as CBT and I do not have a good relationship, but there is one activity that has stuck in my head. I found it very challenging and still do not believe what I have written, but I have to give myself some (grudging) credit for having done it. The activity is as follows:

“Imagine it is 10 years in the future. You have made important changes in your life and things are much better. Write yourself an encouraging letter about why you need to make changes now”

Dear M,

I am you, ten years on, and I am well, happy and healthy. Recovery has been slow and painful, but it was so worth all the time and effort you gave to it. You have been able to watch H develop from childhood into the amazing person she is now, and you have been there with her, guiding along the way. She is a credit to you.

Keep trying, keep moving forwards at whatever pace you can manage each day.  Run, walk, shuffle, crawl – just keep moving and change will happen. You have wonderful, strong relationships with people in your life who want to be there for you. Let them in and allow them to help you on your journey.You will get here; I am proof of that.  

With love, compassion and understanding

M xx

Read more of Mel's blog here and follow her on Twitter @Melroselass.

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