Mental Health Service in Norfolk
Posted by Daisy Duke
23rd Sep 2014

When is something going to improve?

Why do we have to wait so long for help when we are in desperate need. I know there are many people in the same boat but do we not matter to society? I manage to work 15 hours a week at my local hospital, I look after my daughter, my husband and my pets yet I have a severe mental health condition that often sees me utterly debilitated. I feel confused, agitated, anxious and desperate most of the time. I have been waiting 4 months for a psychiatrist appointment to review medication and possibly seek a diagnosis. I have been on the waiting list for trauma therapy for 4 months.

I feel my life is passing me by.

I have tried exercise, swimming, walking, I have had many years of CBT, mindfulness, distraction techniques. I have cut people out of my life who had a negative influence on me.

It is so tiring.

I did read another persons blog about not fighting depression but learning to manage it. It's such a relief to have the support of others on this site.

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