I've got to run
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18th Sep 2014

Triber 'Me: two point zero' reveals how exercise has changed her life by helping her overcome depression.

Just over eleven weeks ago I laced on a pair of old trainers, clicked on my downloaded c25k app and stepped out my front door. I've done something similar many times before, but this time it was different. I did that 'run' (it was far from being a run at this point) and then, two days later, I did it again, and then two days later again. Little did I know that that week would be the start of my new life. If ever I wanted to do something that marked Part Two of my life, running has been it. I've run three times a week for almost three months. And it's changed everything.

I am a different person. Not only do I look remarkably different (goodbye over a stone), but more importantly I feel different. My mind is clearer, I'm less irritable, my mood has been stable. And if I don't run, I feel the old me creeping back in. And when that happens, I run. And it goes away, just like that.

Simply, but wonderfully, I have my medicine, my cure. I've found a way to deal with something I've been battling for years.

I know it's well documented, researched and proven that exercise beats depression. But to know it and to KNOW it are two very, very different things. I've felt it now, I've experienced the change, my partner's felt the impact and my children are benefitting.

It may sound crazy for someone to claim transformation in such a short space of time. But there is no complacency here. This isn't a quick fix or something I can do for a while and then let it go. I NEED to run. And I will run.

I will run myself well and I will run myself happy.

I will run myself strong and I will run myself proud.I wi

ll run so I'm well and I will run so I sleep.

I will run for clarity and I will run to forget.

I will run to ease worry and run to wind down from the day.

I will run until I'm breathless and I will run so, so hard that the black dog is going to have a very, very hard time catching me.

Why not read more of her writing or connect via Twitter at @me_twopointzero?

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